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Hon President - Pat Browning
Vice Presidents - Bill Sansom, Janice Regan and Paul Cronin

Hon Life Members
Alan Ayres, Pat Browning, Donna Clements, Stuart Clements

Paul Cronin, Heather Grant, Valerie Harrison, Vickie Hockett

Dot Jenkins, Janice Regan, Barbara Smither 

Stacey Sproates, Dave Underwood

and Sherry Underwood


as at March 2023

Executive Officers and Committee 

Hon President - Pat Browning        
Hon Chairman - Stuart Clements    Hon Vice Chairman - Ian Butcher     Hon Secretary - Sherry Underwood
Hon Treasurer - Paul Cronin    Hon Publicity Officer - Molly Knight
Hon Membership Secretary - Stacey Sproates     Hon Youth Rep – Claudia Terrana
Hon Wardrobe Mistress - Donna Clements     Social Committee Chairman - Jacqui Simpson
Minutes Secretary - Ian Butcher

Committee Members:
Rebecca Collier, Neil Paterson, Stephen Porter, Amy Simpson with Janice Regan representing Vice-Presidents

Social Committee

Chairman - Jacqui Simpson   Vice-Chairman - Neil Paterson
Treasurer - Ian Butcher    Minutes Secretary - Mizz Sanders

Committee Members:

Deanne Cheshire, Jodie Gower, Sarah Hart, Lisa Mackenzie,
 Lloyd Newstead, Amy Simpson, Irene Taylor, Karen Wilshaw
and Alfie Murray (co-opted)
Pat Browning (Hon President) and Paul Cronin (MOS Treasurer)

Former Life Member of Margate Operatic Society

Annie Yorath 2009-2024

Jean Simpson 2021-2023

Gordon Gransbury 2002-2023

Cindy Bulmer 1999-2021

Jackie Hart 1981-2020

Dorothy Cronin 1993-2013

Vic Pegg 1966-2012

Dorothy Lightfoot 1977-2008

Ken Gray 1974-2007

Joan Pegg (Joan Bushell) 1977-2003

Kath Searle 1993-2002

Ivy Foskett 1969-2001

Spratty Price 1987-1999

Tiny Evans 1984-1999

Olga Matthews 1983-1998

Fred Searle 1993-1997

Arthur Evans 1984-1994

Dickie Price 1986-1993

John Cullens 1974-1990

Mrs B A Shea 1963-1990

Fred Lightfoot 1977-1985

Mickie Pegg 1969-1985

Dorothy Bond 1967-1981

Cherry Willoughby 1965-1977

R B Earnshaw 1958-1976

Herbert Bryan 1960-1974

Dorothy Christian 1964-1965