You don't have to be a Connie Fisher or a John Barrowman
to be involved with our shows

Every Production has a small army of dedicated personnel working away behind the scenes. For every group of performers you see on stage there are usually an equal number working behind the scenes both in the run up to the show during rehearsals and of course during the run of the show.

We are always on the look out for willing helpers in all departments,

Wardrobe, Props, Stage crew, Dressers, Make-up, Front of house
or just taking care of refreshments during rehearsals.

Wardrobe - The costumes don't make themselves. For main shows the bulk of the costumes are hired in as they tend to be fairly show specific, but for the pantomimes and our Showtime productions, the costumes are made and sourced almost exclusively in house, and that can run to as many as 150 - 200 costumes a production. So whatever your skill level, be it an experienced machinist or tacking a hem by hand, don't be shy.

Props - We Have a fairly extensive prop store we can raid for each show and what we haven't got we beg, steal, borrow, make from scratch and occasionally buy, then take apart, rebuild, modify, repair, paint and turn into something completely different. All this needs supervising, it then needs organising, plotting and found a home for, both at the theatre, so that cast and crew can find them when they are needed, and afterwards in our props store. Sometimes during the days before the show we have a mass repair and paint session (they do suffer during rehearsals) so that everything is in the best possible condition for the show run.

Stage Crew - That Gallant band of lads and lasses who put the set together from a thousand different pieces and some sketchy plans and dodgy pictures, then work out where to store everything so that it cannot be seen by the audience until it's needed. They move houses, build rostrums, take them down again, plant forests, move bridges, change cloths, set props, make stairs dance, set up effects, and all in darkness and silence, against the clock and unseen by the audience (well most of the time). All orchestrated by the stage manager.

Crew are invaribly only involved during show week and are not nessesarily required every day (though useful if you are) The crew can be divided into two groups, The Get in/out crew who basically get in and build the set, and take it down again at the end of the run. And the show crew who obviously run the show. and you can be part of both if you so wish, depending on how much time you wish to give. Crew must be over 16 and can be Male or Female, and should understand that it does involve some manual work, first timers are welcome.

If you are interested in getting involved in anyway behind the scenes, Please, Give us call, or speak to one of our front of house staff during show week.

For further information, please do not hesitate to call 01843 297780.

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